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Not looking to dip into your savings or don’t have the cash to cover your solar system? ProjectScout has you covered. We connect you with elite solar installers offering affordable solar financing with customer-friendly loans, low APRs and financing up to $100,000. With APRs as low as 0.99% and terms up to 20 years, there’s a solar loan to fit your needs and budget.

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You could start searching for a solar installer on your own, OR you could let ProjectScout connect you with a trusted contractor fit to meet your needs. Our network of solar installers has been carefully selected and vetted for technical experience, licenses and reputation. Not only that, we’re with you 100% of the solar journey, from your first appointment through installation. Rest assured, you’re getting quality and assurance with ProjectScout.

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When it comes to how much you can save by going solar, the answer depends entirely on your current energy usage, average monthly bill, where you live, what solar system upgrades you plan to install and what tax incentives are available to you.

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